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Electric vs Acoustic – What’s better for a Beginner?

If you are interested in finally getting into music and play the guitar, you should first decide about what direction you want to follow musically. This decision can be important for a person that is starting in music, and with that, you must first decide what style you want to play as well with what type of instrument.

When it comes to guitar, we have the electric guitar and the acoustic guitar. Two different options that are an important matter if we think about what kind of style of music we wish to play. For a newcomer in music you’ll probably want to start with a type of guitar that can be easy for you to learn, but between electric and acoustic, each one has their own unique offering.

Acoustic Guitars

An acoustic guitar can be seen as the best option for a beginner for a lot of reasons. One of them is that is quite simple to hold and start playing right away. It is also not a loud instrument and can be played outdoors without the complications of having a lot of wires or depending on electricity.

Overall, they are a simple instrument that works wonders when you are starting since its a quick and great option to start playing right away.

Electric Guitars

Electric guitars share some qualities with the acoustic guitar, but one of the main differences of electric guitars is that they can be amplified. Some say that electric guitars are by far more complicated than the acoustic option since they require a lot of wires and other electric gadgets to make a specific sound.

But the truth is that they are exactly the same instrument, they have the exact same features and just as well as acoustic guitars. The only difference beginners need to be aware of is the difference in the strings. Electric guitars have steel or nickel strings, which can be more difficult to press down.

Overall, both are great options for any guitar user, since they can be seen as a great way to start playing right away. A lot of people recommend acoustic guitars for beginners, as they tend to be easier to travel with and are easier to learn chords.

The choice however is yours. Whether you opt for an acoustic or electric guitar to begin with, you’ll have loads of fun learning the chords and making music. Good luck with making your final decision.

3 Tips to Properly Jam With Your Friends

A jamming session with your friends is a great moment where you can gather around with people you care about and try to make some great tunes with the help of everyone.

It is a nice little activity that you can start right away if you want to be a part of the best musicians out there. Each one of them started playing with their friends.

You probably think that playing with them only requires you to keep the time of the songs and improvise a little, the truth is that sometimes it is not easy at all. Playing with partners can be difficult for many of us, and there are a handful of reasons why.

But most importantly, you should take into consideration other ways to take advantage of the session. It is crucial to take it as a way to get better at your musical performance.

For that reason, we are going to give you a couple of pieces of advice, so you can play better with your friends.

Is All In The Dynamics

One of the greatest things of playing with friends is that you know each other, and with that, you know how well you can sync and listen to each other, with the purpose of creating a great and nice harmony between you all.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than playing with another guitarist that you don’t know and see how you struggle to keep the sync and the chords together. That’s why playing with your companions can be more beneficial in comparison with other players.

Communication Is Everything

One of the key elements in teamwork is communication and how well you can interact with your team in order to keep the music flowing and having perfect sync. Therefore communicating verbally in each session, is important if you truly want to get ahead and be exceptional.

Not to mention that listening to the instrument and responding nicely to the temps are props if you want to improve.

Not A Contest

Another important part of a session is that you shouldn’t be thinking about who’s killing it and who is the worst of the group. That’s a poor mindset, focus on progressing altogether and you’ll see the difference.

With these important tips, you can now play amazing tunes with your fellows and develop new techniques at your jam session. Improving with your pals is something incredible, and taking advantage of these tips can be truly favorable.

Fender Play – What You Need to Know

If you want to learn how to play guitar properly and finally do something with your free time to become the greatest guitarist, you might need a little help from a professional or to take advanced classes in a music institution or foundation.

But, if you are an individual with a busy schedule and you cannot make time for classes, you will need to stick with the old-fashioned way, which is, of course, learning through books or any internet advice that you can find.

Internet Is The Key

Although, there may be other options to take in consideration if you want something more useful than these methods, and that is through internet programs or other kinds of educational tools, such as Fender Play.

Fender Is The Solution

When it comes to music solutions, Fender is the best ally, and you should already know that. They are incredible, since their instruments are listed as some of the best in the world, and are quite recognized and used by many artists.

With that being said, Fender Play is an amazing tool that can help you with your learning, as well as with your musical skills.

As we stated before, it is perfect if you are just starting to play the guitar. It provides you with two main sections, and after that, you have five options on what type of music you want to play, as simple as that.

Choose First

First of all, let’s start by saying that choosing between electric or acoustic guitar, is something to have in mind when you are signing your customization.

Then, you have other categories such as Rock, Blues, Folk, Country and finally Pop. All of these categories have five levels, and they go from beginners to a more advanced lesson, which includes theory and tone.

Fender Play offers great help for you not to struggle with the beginner’s class or the advanced class, if you already know what are your requirements, skills, and knowledge.

It Has High-Quality Videos

Not to mention that the way classes are presented is incredibly great. Fender uses videos with outstanding quality, and it gives you the best example of how to play the instrument, with detailed explanations that will leave no doubts about the lesson.

In conclusion, Fender Play is a great instrument that can be affordable for many. Moreover, it has a 30 days free trial if you want to get ahead of the lessons and see for yourself what the tool can do for you.

3 Fender Guitars to Start Learning How to Play Right Away

When it comes to musical instruments, there are often a lot of varieties and types, as well as features and new elements that previous models didn’t possess. Or different variation models of instruments that are designed to a specific type of music, such as a Jazz bass.

Guitars are not the exception to this rule, and there are tons of guitar models that are perfect for each musician. In fact, there are a handful of options with regard to electric guitars that are perfect for beginners.

Making the best choice could be hard, therefore, we have a list of the best Fender guitars available, so you can start playing and learning right away.

Squier Affinity Series (Stratocaster)

If you love the classic design of an electric guitar, and the best features of the archetype of rock guitars, the Squier Stratocaster can be a great option for you. It has incredible sonic flexibility and comes with the vintage sound of a Fender guitar.

Squier Vintage Mod – Mustang

If you are struggling to learn how to play the guitar and one of those factors is because your hands are small, the Squier Mustang is the ideal guitar for you. The Squier Vintage Mod – Mustang is designed for those players that have smaller hands.

Not to mention that the Mustang is the first model of its class, and features some incredible sounds such as a dynamic vibrato. It’s also a beautiful instrument with its marble-white body for its 24-inch scale.

Telecaster ’50s

Truly a Fender’s classic, the Telecaster is definitely one of the guitars that put Fender on the map. This is due to the versatility of their sounds, as well as how good it sounds. It comes out with that beautiful classic 50’s sound that is almost melancholic. It was a great pick for the ’50s and is a great pick for today’s standards, definitively a must-have.

There are plenty of great options when choosing a guitar, and here we have a great pick if you want to start right away playing your favorite tunes.