Electric vs Acoustic – What’s better for a Beginner?

If you are interested in finally getting into music and play the guitar, you should first decide about what direction you want to follow musically. This decision can be important for a person that is starting in music, and with that, you must first decide what style you want to play as well with what type of instrument.

When it comes to guitar, we have the electric guitar and the acoustic guitar. Two different options that are an important matter if we think about what kind of style of music we wish to play. For a newcomer in music you’ll probably want to start with a type of guitar that can be easy for you to learn, but between electric and acoustic, each one has their own unique offering.

Acoustic Guitars

An acoustic guitar can be seen as the best option for a beginner for a lot of reasons. One of them is that is quite simple to hold and start playing right away. It is also not a loud instrument and can be played outdoors without the complications of having a lot of wires or depending on electricity.

Overall, they are a simple instrument that works wonders when you are starting since its a quick and great option to start playing right away.

Electric Guitars

Electric guitars share some qualities with the acoustic guitar, but one of the main differences of electric guitars is that they can be amplified. Some say that electric guitars are by far more complicated than the acoustic option since they require a lot of wires and other electric gadgets to make a specific sound.

But the truth is that they are exactly the same instrument, they have the exact same features and just as well as acoustic guitars. The only difference beginners need to be aware of is the difference in the strings. Electric guitars have steel or nickel strings, which can be more difficult to press down.

Overall, both are great options for any guitar user, since they can be seen as a great way to start playing right away. A lot of people recommend acoustic guitars for beginners, as they tend to be easier to travel with and are easier to learn chords.

The choice however is yours. Whether you opt for an acoustic or electric guitar to begin with, you’ll have loads of fun learning the chords and making music. Good luck with making your final decision.

Electric vs Acoustic – What’s better for a Beginner?

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