3 Fender Guitars to Start Learning How to Play Right Away

When it comes to musical instruments, there are often a lot of varieties and types, as well as features and new elements that previous models didn’t possess. Or different variation models of instruments that are designed to a specific type of music, such as a Jazz bass.

Guitars are not the exception to this rule, and there are tons of guitar models that are perfect for each musician. In fact, there are a handful of options with regard to electric guitars that are perfect for beginners.

Making the best choice could be hard, therefore, we have a list of the best Fender guitars available, so you can start playing and learning right away.

Squier Affinity Series (Stratocaster)

If you love the classic design of an electric guitar, and the best features of the archetype of rock guitars, the Squier Stratocaster can be a great option for you. It has incredible sonic flexibility and comes with the vintage sound of a Fender guitar.

Squier Vintage Mod – Mustang

If you are struggling to learn how to play the guitar and one of those factors is because your hands are small, the Squier Mustang is the ideal guitar for you. The Squier Vintage Mod – Mustang is designed for those players that have smaller hands.

Not to mention that the Mustang is the first model of its class, and features some incredible sounds such as a dynamic vibrato. It’s also a beautiful instrument with its marble-white body for its 24-inch scale.

Telecaster ’50s

Truly a Fender’s classic, the Telecaster is definitely one of the guitars that put Fender on the map. This is due to the versatility of their sounds, as well as how good it sounds. It comes out with that beautiful classic 50’s sound that is almost melancholic. It was a great pick for the ’50s and is a great pick for today’s standards, definitively a must-have.

There are plenty of great options when choosing a guitar, and here we have a great pick if you want to start right away playing your favorite tunes.

3 Fender Guitars to Start Learning How to Play Right Away

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