3 Tips to Properly Jam With Your Friends

A jamming session with your friends is a great moment where you can gather around with people you care about and try to make some great tunes with the help of everyone.

It is a nice little activity that you can start right away if you want to be a part of the best musicians out there. Each one of them started playing with their friends.

You probably think that playing with them only requires you to keep the time of the songs and improvise a little, the truth is that sometimes it is not easy at all. Playing with partners can be difficult for many of us, and there are a handful of reasons why.

But most importantly, you should take into consideration other ways to take advantage of the session. It is crucial to take it as a way to get better at your musical performance.

For that reason, we are going to give you a couple of pieces of advice, so you can play better with your friends.

Is All In The Dynamics

One of the greatest things of playing with friends is that you know each other, and with that, you know how well you can sync and listen to each other, with the purpose of creating a great and nice harmony between you all.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than playing with another guitarist that you don’t know and see how you struggle to keep the sync and the chords together. That’s why playing with your companions can be more beneficial in comparison with other players.

Communication Is Everything

One of the key elements in teamwork is communication and how well you can interact with your team in order to keep the music flowing and having perfect sync. Therefore communicating verbally in each session, is important if you truly want to get ahead and be exceptional.

Not to mention that listening to the instrument and responding nicely to the temps are props if you want to improve.

Not A Contest

Another important part of a session is that you shouldn’t be thinking about who’s killing it and who is the worst of the group. That’s a poor mindset, focus on progressing altogether and you’ll see the difference.

With these important tips, you can now play amazing tunes with your fellows and develop new techniques at your jam session. Improving with your pals is something incredible, and taking advantage of these tips can be truly favorable.

3 Tips to Properly Jam With Your Friends

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